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Did Jesus abolish God's clean and unclean dietary requirements?

7 Facts About Unclean Meat You Probably Didn't Know

Many Christian churches teach that it's alright to eat pork and other animals that the Bible identifies as unclean. They say that Jesus cleansed all meat and that the dietary restrictions against unclean meat is not part of the New Covenant. They say it was only for the Jews. But is that true? Find out by watching this video!

Are All Foods Clean? If so, What Is Food?

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"Be In Health" Series by Pastor Cook

Part One of Eight

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Dr. Ted Broer - Top 10 Foods Never to Eat

Dr. Ted Broer, one of America's leading nutritionists and biochemists and author of "Breakthrough Health," talks about toxic foods we eat that eventually eat us.


What Does the Bible Say About Eating Meat? | UNLEARN the Lies

An Argument for Veganism

Garden of Vegan Talk | Can Christians Eat Pork/Meat? | Did Jesus Eat Meat? | Was Jesus Vegan?

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