He's Passionate About Positive Change


Robert Cook is an accomplished pastor and teacher with over twenty-five years experience motivating individuals and audiences to achieve their highest God-given potential. He pastors Joy of Faith Christian Center in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. Each week, he delivers God's message of hope, help and healing to inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.


Robert was raised in Detroit, Michigan in a Christian family with a rich spiritual heritage. Called as a pastor and teacher in 1984, he is the third pastor in four generations of his family. He attended the University of Michigan where he studied public administration and psychology. He is a graduate of Word of Faith Layman's Bible School in Detroit, Michigan and Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


Robert married Hellen McCurdy in 1988. They have four adult children; DeAnna, Robert, Christopher and Alicia.


Robert has been active in ministry since 1985. He was employed at Word of Faith International Christian Center in Detroit, Michigan and Kenneth Hagin Ministries in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma before founding Joy of Faith Christian Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He has served as the Senior Pastor of Joy of Faith Christian Center since October 1993, when he and his wife launched it with nothing more than a word from God to "Go to West Palm Beach, and teach the word in a way that it can be easily understood, and incorporated into any Believer's life."


Robert’s love for the word, and his humor and optimism are refreshing. They stimulate the mind, and stir the spirit. He has a unique gift to "Bring The Word Home" to where you live. It's life-changing!


He has authored more than a hundred compact disc and MP3 sermon series and hundreds of single compact disk audio teachings. His teachings span a wide gamut of subjects. Some of his best-sellers explaining principles of success are; The 17 Major Causes of Failure, Five Attitudes for Success, How to Fail Successfully, Changed Thoughts - Changed Life, and The Power of Words.


Several of his best-selling titles for improving personal management are; Habits: The Keys to Success or Failure, How to Obtain Self-Control, Overcoming Procrastination, and Are You Your Worst Enemy?


Robert has also authored Love, Hate or Communicate, Vital Keys to Good Communication, Your Marriage Can Bloom, and What Singles Must Know Before Getting Married, to name a few. He is full of the Word, and passionate about helping others find God, make positive change, and mature in Christ.


Robert inspires others to become their absolute best by teaching them the word of God to become more successful in every area of life; spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. He says, "The only thing wrong with us, is what is wrong with us, so let's change by the power of the Spirit and the word of God."




Make a positive change. Join me at Joy of Faith Christian Center, and experience the difference knowing the Word of God will make in your life.

Service Times

Sunday 10:30  a.m..


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Joy of Faith Christian Center

Bear Lakes Middle School

3505 Shenandoah Road

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Corner of Military Trail and Shenandoah.



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