Returning to Church

There is no place too far from God’s love. No matter how far you may have gone, our Heavenly Father is always waiting with arms open wide and a banquet table full of blessings for your return. Rediscover God at Joy of Faith Christian Center.

Joy of Faith is Your New Beginning


Many people who were once with God and regularly attended a church have quit attending. I understand this, because I was one of these people. I attended church until age fifteen. This is when I gave my life to Jesus. Shortly thereafter, I quit attending church. I needed more than just God’s word concerning salvation.


I had been hearing salvation messages almost exclusively for years at church, but as a newly born again person, I needed to be taught much more than salvation alone to mature as a Christian. So I eventually left church. Admittedly, this was an immature act, but this is my point. What can be expected from a person who has not been taught better. I lacked teaching.


At age twenty, I experienced a new beginning with God. Someone invited me to a very unique church. The Pastor spoke words that resounded deep within my heart. He gave scriptural support and illustrations for each truth that he presented. He taught how the word of God could be applied to life. I thought, “This is awesome. This man must be a college professor or a prophet.” I had never heard anyone make the word so practical and useful. The man was not a college professor or a prophet. He was a Pastor, called by God, and equipped to teach the word of God.


The Spirit of God arrested my attention that day through the message. I was drawn from within to respond to the altar call, and I rededicated my life to God. The year was nineteen eighty-three, and this single experience at a church that taught the word of God in a clear and easy to understand manner changed my life. That day, at that church, listening to God through that Pastor, I got hooked on the word of God. This changed my direction in life. From that day to this day, I have been serving God.


Since that experience, I have attended college, received a call into full-time ministry, graduated two bible schools, gotten married, pioneered Joy of Faith Christian Center, and started a family. The Lord has prospered and blessed me, and called me to equip people to experience the abundant life that Jesus promised in John 10:10. I have discovered that people experience an abundant life when they live to serve God and others, have wonderful relationships with the people they love, and are connected with a great church. These three are the key!


Jesus replied to someone who asked him, What are the greatest commandments?” He told the person to love and obey God and to love his fellow man. Later the Apostle Paul told us to not forsake assembling together with the saints. These three are the Key!


Join me for the life-changing journey that I refer to as “Adventures in God”. I would love to be your Pastor, and guide you into a new beginning with God. You may have had an unfulfilled or even unpleasant past experience at church, this has no bearing on the wonderful experiences and opportunities for spiritual and natural growth that await you at Joy of Faith Christian Center. So take a step of faith, and reconnect with God. He is not mad at you. He is mad about you. Be my guest this Sunday at 10:30 am, and experience the word of God taught in a practical, useful and easy to understand manner. This will change your life forever!


From my heart to yours,

Pastor Cook




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