We desire to enlighten, equip and encourage you to become a committed disciple of Christ. We are passionate about your spiritual growth and development, so join us. We will educate, motivate and inspire you in the word of God.


The teaching at Joy of Faith Christian Center is awesome. It is holistic in approach and practical in application. It is presented and explained in a way that it can be easily understood, and incorporated into any believer's life. It touches the heart, stirs the soul, and illuminates the mind. It's a real word from God, for real people, in need of real change. Join our vibrant, growing congregation this weekend for an awesome worship experience.


Thank you for visiting our website. You will find great resources to help you make a positive change. Check out our media gallery, and be inspired by the messages. We wish above all things that you prosper and be in health. - 3 John 2

Welcome Home to

Joy of Faith Christian Center

Make a Positive Change with Us!

Pastor Robert and Hellen Cook


Service Times

Sunday 10:30  a.m..


Directions Click for map.

Joy of Faith Christian Center

Bear Lakes Middle School

3505 Shenandoah Road

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Corner of Military Trail and Shenandoah.



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