Who We Are

We Love You

Joy of Faith Christian Center is a place where you will find genuine love and Christian friendship. We are a group of everyday people; families, couples, single men and women, boys and girls growing together in the word of God. We invite you to experience the love and joy that is evident when we come together to worship God and grow in His word.


We Help You Mature in God

The word produces maturity in a believer's life when it is taught and explained from the Bible. We present the Word in a way that it can be easily understood, and incorporated into any believer's life. You will quickly notice the difference that knowing the Word will make in your life.

We stand strong on the word of God; fixed and unmovable, teaching line upon line and precept upon precept from the Bible to produce believers who are Christ-centered in their beliefs and their actions. We are committed to teaching the full gospel message as diverse in content and subject matter as Jesus presented it. We teach the word of God in a way it is easily understood and incorporated into any believer's life in order to produce spiritual maturity, development, and growth.

We Are Passionate About You Knowing God

We are passionate about people getting to know God and maturing through His word to the extent that their thoughts and actions mirror those of Jesus'. Pastor Cook's passionate exposition of the word will help you transform your life. Get to know God at Joy of Faith Christian Center.


Service Times

Sunday 10:30  a.m..


Directions Click for map.

Joy of Faith Christian Center

Bear Lakes Middle School

3505 Shenandoah Road

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Corner of Military Trail and Shenandoah.



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